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2011-12-01 11:51:12 by snowywhitequeen

Hai there.

Theres a ghost behind you.

You can't see it, obviously, because it's a ghost.

I think it likes you.


2011-08-12 08:49:04 by snowywhitequeen

i'm gathering information of ponies to put on facebook.

if you want to be a part of it, you have to have chosen a pony on THIS THING.

then i will put your name and your pony's name on the description of an album on facebook and we will have a whole list of people and their ponies!

please make an account on THIS THING, and leave your name and pony name as a comment.

yes, it IS kimberly freeman singing.


2011-08-05 12:14:45 by snowywhitequeen

Hania Lee posted my youtube cover of her song I Want My Life Back!!! (voice-only)

my youtube channel...


2011-07-25 08:42:03 by snowywhitequeen

right. so.

i'm bored, as i always am.

if you need me for anything, just call*.
i'll be here. probably.

*PM or whatever.


2011-03-10 14:37:33 by snowywhitequeen

how do you make those movie things?

sorry, i'm new -.-